Case Studies




A top networking hardware company has many partner programs and initiatives that are critical to sales generation, driving more than $10B in annual revenue. However on the back end these systems are not integrated and required many manual steps to register, determine eligibility, and process rebates and other incentives. Corporate partners register online, however the registration system doesn't have the logic to determine program qualification for that registrant. Another deficit was the inability of the system to periodically determine continued eligibility of a registrant for a program, or to terminate a registrant for a program. The purchase ordering system tracks partner purchases, but was not integrated with the rebate system to validate partner sales volume and partner rebate qualification. Systems tracking other partner proof of performance criteria is not integrated with the finance system to validate and trigger an incentive payment. These disparities led to delays and errors in processing.


Cayuse Technologies examined the existing systems and identified improvement areas, and then developed semi-automated business back end systems that patch the different functions together. We document, execute and approve the process. Traditionally this is a time intensive process; instead we apply continual process improvement which results in high efficiency for this previously disconnected set of systems. We connect partner registration with partner ordering, partner ordering to partner rebate, and incentive systems to accounts payable. This is done without direct access to tie in to the client tools.


The Cayuse solution provides a low cost alternative to the costly reprogramming of complex back end systems and results in multiple client benefits. These include a 35% cost reduction as compared to previous manual processes; a seamless experience for partners in the program; timely processing of registration, qualification, rewards and incentives; timely management of qualification expiration; improved partner renewal rates. An overall 50% reduction in process time for partner payments greatly helped to improve the company’s relationship with its channel partners, increasing partner loyalty and longevity.

EnableD rebate payouts of $1B/year, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant

$36M / year incentives processed

60K partners evaluated every month with 99% accuracy rating