Case Studies




To optimize the customer experience and retention, a major telco providing secure access to hundreds of client services for its customers across the globe, needed to ensure consistent reliability of this process. A low-cost solution to provide testing and defect support for authentication, authorization and single sign on functionality for its consumer-, business- and enterprise applications was required. Client services include gaming, video streaming, home security systems, enterprise customer support site and more, across multiple browsers, platforms, and user-flows.


Cayuse Technologies provided the quick ramp-up of a skilled team providing secure testing, defect and QA support. The support is performed in compliance with the client standard for providing secure service to consumer, business and enterprise client services through authentication (AuthN), authorization (AuthZ) and single sign on (SSO) functionality. This includes regression testing, factory testing, and accessibility testing for a suite of Chief Security Office (CSO) tools that provide secure consumer identity access to applications and tools including TV, internet, live streaming, gaming, laptop, cell phone and more.

The regression testing team performs both standard testing and runs hundreds of automated testing tools for applications in staging and production to ensure everything is working prior to deployment. Factory testers handle user stories to test in each browser environment for each function such as java script or tool, and identify and report defects to the client development team. Accessibility testing is performed to ensure that end users with visual impairment [color blindness] will be able to navigate the client services login pages as easily as everyone else.


The team has performed with outstanding high client satisfaction and performance consistently since 2010. This has resulted in an effective, dependable, and consistently successful user experience at login for client services.

As the applications, operating systems, browsers, and streaming platforms have evolved and advanced since 2010, as well as changes in consumer behavior, our client required expanded support. Due to high performance levels, consistent service, and flexibility, our client chose Cayuse Technologies to provide expanded services, including both traditional browser services and user flows and a fully expansive list of mobile and video streaming device platforms. The team has adapted its services and grown in size and scope to provide authentication and authorization for nearly all of the tel-co's expansive applications serving customers across the US and internationally. 

High client satisfaction due to consistent high standards, flexibility and value led again to a major team expansion reaching a headcount of 75 in 2017.