Case Studies




A top global consulting firm realized that too many of their people were spending time doing tasks that administrative employees were better prepared to support. This led to dissatisfied employees and unnecessary costs. Their employees had the need and desire for support but often didn't know that support existed or how to access the support. The company online portal, while full of resources, was extremely large and difficult to navigate. They needed a way to expand the reach of company internal services and enable access to support for all of their employees.


An Operations Center was developed at Cayuse Technologies in 2009 as a virtual customer support center, for the client's 300,000 global employees. Any employee can call the service desk to have help accessing or finding where to go on the portal by speaking to one of our agents - who are portal experts. Cayuse agents navigate a complex job aid in Excel to seamlessly route customers to the services they require quickly and accurately and with a focus on friendly customer service. The Operations Center also provides support for supply orders. Operating 12 hours a day from 7:00 am CST to 7:00 pm CST provides support across all US time zones.


Success led to expanded services. Over the span of the first 18 months, front desk inbound call support was added for 38 office locations across the US, and later additional lines were added for additional locations. In total, 56 incoming lines are now supported. Communication channels expanded to include chat. Services expanded over time to include central reservations and providing office space reservation support. Office services was added, responsible for logging trouble tickets. The team also produces location e-mailers and provides the processing of e-faxes.

12,880 calls / month

Inbound call support for 38 offices

170K calls and service transactions per year