The Cayuse Advantage

Our proven approach utilizes best practices and an extensive knowledge base of business analyses and processes, application development and business functions. We deliver fresh solutions to business challenges in the technology and business services environment. Our clients depend on us to achieve impactful outcomes such as improved efficiency, reduced cost, increased profitability and accelerated time to market.

Cayuse Benefits at a Glance



  • Highly customer-centric custom solutions

  • Quick ramp up/down

  • Quickly staff hard-to-find skills

  • Support all time zones 

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)



  • 24 x 7 x 365

  • US citizens

  • Human Cloud

  • Delivery enter in rural america

  • Minority supplier diversity creds



  • Over A Decade Of Successful Service Delivery

  • Secure Network Options

  • Build-Out Capabilities

  • Repeatable and Consistent Process Of Execution

  • No 'Single Point Of Failure

  • Solution Factory Operating Model

  • Formidable Knowledge Base

Plan Requirements

Application development begins with our discovery and analysis process involving thorough research, analysis, end-user interviews and executive requirements review. Based on these findings, we build the project plan, including scope, features, phases, and timeline. Planning requirements can be critical for a successful outcome.

Full Testing

Utilizing best practices and proven processes we provide a full range of software testing capabilities from functional, automated, and manual, to user acceptance testing (UAT), and disaster recovery testing. Agile and waterfall methodologies or a blend of the two are employed in a variety of development environments including Javascript, Perl, Linux/Unix, Java, Oracle DB, VXML, and more.

Functional Analysis

During the functional analysis phase the Cayuse team identifies what transformations are needed to achieve the desired outcome. According to the needs of the project, functional analysis diagrams are utilized to illustrate and analyze top-level and any subordinate-level functions. First and subsequent functional decompositions are examined and outputs needed by other functions are examined. The resulting analysis can substantially impact a project's successful outcome

Deployment/Stability Test

Cayuse Technologies will be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth deployment with quality assurance and testing. Our QA team members are involved from day one through product launch (even after). We will run apps through all of our automated and manual tests to ensure optimal performance, reliability and user experience.


Our adept team of designers and developers provide the tools needed to exercise a relentless focus on business goals. We specialize in front-end development, interface design, experience design, custom web design, prototyping, responsive layout, mobile UI/UX - basically any digital product that lives on a screen. We always strive to create an innovative, easy to use, beautiful, functional product that satisfies the user's needs.

Run, Maintain, Monitor
& Report Back

We are dedicated to providing support, maintenance, monitoring and reporting services to optimize processes. Our technical support specialists, cognitive computing capabilities and advanced analytics reduce your downtime and keep your operations running seamlessly. We have a variety of services including metrics reporting, analytics reporting, perfective maintenance, corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, scheduled maintenance and performance monitoring services.

Component Build

With our extensive knowledgebase of tried-and-true processes, our component build process identifies components and their functionality in the software development process. By evaluating custom components we determine their added functionality, reusability, increased productivity and consistency. Our object-oriented component writing follows conventions and helps to create flexibility in each hierarchy.

The Cayuse Methodology


Grow the Company, Grow the People

Cayuse Commercial Services aims to create a seven generation company to build a sustainable enduring legacy.

We believe in value through innovation which is evident in our company core values.

Our quality is a reflection of our proud heritage of integrity, preparation and persistence.


We are a close-knit team of fiercely committed professionals working together to achieve the common goals of personal and client satisfaction.


We welcome and embrace a free community of diverse people bonded by trust, respect and unity.


We are loyal, honest and mighty. We are a dedicated workforce that achieves its set goals and perseveres regardless of the challenge. We are passionate in what we do.


We consider integrity to be the highest standard to which we aspire. We dedicate ourselves to developing strong relationships built on trust, pride and loyalty.


We are proud of our dedication to professionalism and we hold ourselves and each other accountable in all our actions. Our actions reflect positively on ourselves, Cayuse Technologies, and the communities we serve.