Professional Services

Finding and retaining experienced IT professionals in today’s market is a formidable task. Businesses must stay on the cutting edge of opportunities by ensuring they obtain affordable, dependable and flexible solutions to meet their resource needs. Our responsible outsourcing options provide a quick ramp-up and cost-effective solution, enabling businesses to hit key targets on time and on budget.




Our client, a natural gas supplier, wanted a better way to keep technicians up-to-date with new practices and procedures while decreasing the costs of printing and distributing manuals. In their work in the field, gas technicians relied on paper manuals and handheld calculators to service meters and appliances in compliance with safety, industry, and company standards. Paper manuals made timely updates difficult, and the company could not monitor their use. The client tasked us with translating the manual into a mobile application.

Service Offerings


Channel Services

Cayuse Technologies strives to co-own the complete customer relationship by cultivating a positive pre-sale influence, driving retail decisions and nurturing brand loyalty. We aim to go beyond 'partner' in general and form a relationship with partner associates that truly affect “Quote to Cash” and propels 'partner' to a new level of tiered support. We have methods to create the best possible outcome, such as providing support for the partner to enroll and commit to solutions to end-user customers as well as working with the partner to build marketing and sales plans, targeting end-user customers, and leveraging marketing assets.



Our Network Operations Center helps reduce downtime by providing sophisticated notifications and escalations procedures, consistently meeting Service Level Agreements and delivering full transparency of the entire incident management process to all IT operational staff and management. We also offer an exemplary Security Operations Center which speeds up security incident response and resolution while improving security operations efficiency. This combination of offerings leads to increased, business resiliency, reduced downtime and maximized ROI.


Project Management

Effective project management practices can have an enormous positive effect on an organization by optimizing the use of processes, people, tools and technologies to achieve organizational objectives. We can help your organization manage individual projects or more complex programs, to ultimately reduce overall costs, improve consistency, promote better delivery in terms of time and budget, and increase visibility into programs and projects for leadership.


Outbound Sales Center

Cayuse Technologies' outbound call center agents assess the caller’s needs, ask the correct questions, understand when to present offers and close deals to keep the customer satisfied. Our committed team is trained thoroughly and can assess opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell when necessary. We are dedicated to delivering a wide-range of powerful answering services guaranteed to increase sales, streamline operational efficiency, and build new revenue streams for your business.


Instructional Design

Cayuse Technologies develops training around your business goals. Starting with goals and behaviors helps us to create focused training that has a direct and measurable impact on your business. Every training project is unique, and our process ensures we select the best approach. Understanding learners and their needs is essential to selecting the correct path, making content engaging, and developing realistic scenarios and activities. Whether learners need an immersive simulation or just-in-time job aid, our goal is to provide the information they need when they need it.


Market Research

Cayuse Technologies offers full-service quantitative, qualitative and hybrid market research. We have developed our own methodologies, informing product design and functionality, communications and customer targeting for brands or products. Our tried-and-true approach will guarantee a better understanding of customer and company needs, which will aid your business in achieving insight goals.