A single point of contact for
resolving a variety of service events

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Remote, Onshore Support
(Tier 1-3)

Cayuse offers 24x7x365 tiered service levels across all U.S. time zones to resolve help desk tickets, report defects, escalate support, and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Cayuse owns a state-of-the-art Technology Delivery Center in Pendleton, Oregon with fully secure capabilities as a Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). With expertise and services that qualify for minority supplier and diversity credits, Cayuse is more than an IT provider; we are an IT solution.
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How We Can Help

  • Shift fixed IT costs from on-premise platforms to lower, variable costs with remote services
  • Avoid expensive upgrades in HW and systems; free up IT budget for other priorities
  • Offload headcount and management of service desk personnel
  • Improve response times and ticket resolution with experienced Tier 1 support
  • Scale easily and on-demand; monitor performance to adjust service levels

24x7x365 Tiered Service Levels

First call level investigation and diagnosis of reported incidents. 

Tailored service levels and skills to meet customer support goals and objectives.

Customer satisfaction surveys to assess quality.