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A customizable support solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Elevate Your Small Business with the IT Support it Deserves  

Cayuse offers a solution that delivers corporate-level IT services to you and your team.  

Our comprehensive IT service is tailored to match the capabilities of larger corporations at a fraction of the cost. From cutting-edge cloud storage solutions to robust cybersecurity measures, and seamless help desk and technical support, we provide services designed to fuel your growth and success.  Experience the difference of enterprise-level IT services scaled perfectly for small businesses like yours.

Corporate-Level IT Tailored to Small Businesses
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Modern, Scalable, Affordable

Our solutions provide your company with top-notch IT through:
  • Remote IT support spanning 10x5 or 24x7
  • Cybersecurity, Cloud, & Storage solutions
  • IT experts who can be onsite as needed
  • Microsoft Office Suites & collaborative tools
  • Equipment & peripherals with option to buy or lease
  • Customization including website updating, remote health monitoring, & additional cloud storage

Our Services

Unparalleled service and support with options that align with your business needs.

Case Studies

Cayuse is an external partner providing solutions that serve as an extension of your business.


View the Cayuse library of materials.

A Diverse Company

A minority business that is 100% Native American owned, we are a certified diversity supplier with MBE credentials.

What our Clients have to say...

'Cayuse has made our IT worries disappear, reducing our anxiety and stress in the office. Their desktop support services are quick, and they keep our systems up-to-date with the latest software and security measures. Their IT support team is always just a phone call away, ready to tackle any issue we face. Their proactive approach to managing our computers, office equipment, and security camera systems has ensured smooth operations. When new equipment is installed, they make sure the system's hardware and cables are stored in a professional manner which eliminates hazards. We have peace of mind knowing Cayuse will take care of everything related to IT.' - Deb L., Office Manager 

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We are a resource and partner in IT, dedicated to the needs and budgets of small and medium-sized businesses.