Application Development

At Cayuse Commercial Services we have refined our process for application development and have a tried-and-true approach to delivering clean, quality and successful software products that are scalable and secure. With over a decade of experience serving B2B and Fortune 500 enterprises across industries, we effectively create and maintain software that seamlessly meets business needs. Our flexible approach to software development means we can adapt to your needs, with specialists across our delivery network providing full lifecycle application projects, or cooperative development working with your IT team through the full lifecycle or select phases of the project.




A major telco, providing secure access to hundreds of client services for its many customers across the globe, needed to ensure consistent reliability of this process for a successful customer experience. A low cost solution to provide testing and defect support for authentication, authorization and single sign on functionality for its consumer, business and enterprise applications was required. Client services include gaming, video streaming, home security systems, enterprise customer support site, and more, across multiple browsers, platforms, and user flows.

Service Offerings


Oracle Stack

We leverage our strength in Oracle solutions to help clients realize the most from their IT investment. Utilizing our proven methodology we work with clients to maximize their IT investment and produce positive outcomes. Our solutions align with our client's key business objectives, helping to improve business agility, improve efficiencies, streamline business processes, reduce risk, increase security and result in cost-savings.



Our Pega Solution Architects are poised to offer our clients a competitive advantage, tailoring solutions that meet the needs of businesses today. By utilizing the Pega app dev platform for our clients we can deliver advantages in agility and speed in front-end capabilities coupled with a reliable and scalable back end. Pega is an ideal platform for many applications including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Buisness Process Management (BPM) and Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPM). Cayuse can empower our clients to rapidly deploy and easily change applications to meet changing business needs with a Pega solution.


Quality Assurance and Testing

With over a decade of solid delivery of quality assurance and application testing services, our clients benefit from our refined process built on a tried-and-true methodology. Our performance consistently meets even the most aggressive targets, enabling end users a seamless experience. Testing & QA services range from core to complex and are proven to cut costs, increase efficiencies and reduce defects.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are increasingly present in our everyday lives both at home and at work. Cayuse Technologies delivers not only consumer-facing apps for our clients but are seeing increasing demand for enterprise mobile apps. We help give companies a competitive edge with outcomes including increased work productivity, reduced training time, easing of difficult tasks and enabling a more mobile workforce. Our development team is passionate about developing the apps that deliver the best in capability and benefits. We begin by gathering user data and crafting user personas for analysis and determine the best approach. We prioritize error-free functionality, efficient onboarding, security and usability.


Microsoft Stack

We help clients meet end-to-end business and technology needs and build modern, scalable digital solutions that keep pace with the changes in how we work and live today. We maximize our client's potential to operate with agility by using technology to gain efficiencies and decrease long term costs.



Some of the most savvy companies are finding now is the right time to convert aging legacy platforms to new and more efficient applications. We can help our clients determine the optimum time to benefit from utilizing our solutions to transition seamlessly from legacy platforms to better, more modern software. We specialize in conversions that will enable businesses to operate more efficiently without a significant loss of continuity.


Custom Development

Cayuse Technologies works with our clients to evaluate business needs and develop the best approach to custom development projects that will net the biggest reward. We are passionate about ensuring our projects meet the unique objectives of each individual client. We apply our flexible approach to software development and leverage specialists across our delivery network to help customers realize enhanced cost optimization.



Our microservices solutions can offer businesses a competitive advantage by decomposing their software into different smaller services and improving modularity making development and testing more efficient. This service parallelizes development, enabling compartmentalization of autonomous development teams.