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Proven solutions and methods for protection against and recovery from cyberthreats that impact business operations

Can Your Business Withstand a Cyber Attack?

The combination of preparedness, responsiveness, and resilience in business IT is vital. Enlisting a cybersecurity plan that encompasses methods for your business to prepare for, function during, and recover from an attack can make the difference in your ability to sustain and succeed. 

Security and fortitude for your business are essential. Engaging in the right partnership is key. Cayuse provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for safeguarding your assets through our advanced threat detection technology and expert support. 

A Proven Team With Proven Solutions

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  • Experience and tenure within the cybersecurity realm
  • Solid initiatives for consistent monitoring, recovery, and risk management
  • Up-to-date knowledge on industry policies and procedures
  • Effective security policies for ransomware protection
  • Detection of data anomalies to protect from potential data breaches
  • Business continuity best practices for data backup, replication, and restoration
  • Effective, integral recovery solutions for cloud, hybrid, and on-site infrastructures
  • Knowledge that includes CISSP, CCNA, CBCP, and Certified Ethical Hacker credentials

Expertise in Cybersecurity

We deliver effective and efficient protection and monitoring solutions that support the recovery and resolution of cyber events.

Case Studies

Our combined tenure and industry knowledge make us a premier provider of security and resilience solutions.

Resource Library

View the Cayuse library of materials.

A Diverse Company

A minority business that is 100% Native American owned, we are a certified diversity supplier with MBE credentials.

Threat Prevention and Response: Ransomware Due Diligence

Check out our eBook and learn more about:

  • The history of ransomware
  • Types of ransomware
  • Methods of defense
  • Hidden sources of threat
  • The necessities of today's security measures
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Safety and security are mandatory on a daily basis. Cayuse assesses operational gaps alongside business requirements to implement a plan for both reducing cyber risk and improving operational resilience.