Proven solutions and methods for protection against cyberthreats that impact business operations

Protection Against Business Disruptions

Cayuse works together with its clients to improve cyber risk management in an age when penetration testing and security questionnaires are not enough to meet the challenges faced by increasingly sophisticated attackers. Cayuse offers solutions and business-continuity programs for the protection of internet-connected systems against cyberthreats, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

Improve Resilience

To prepare for, evaluate, and improve defense against costly risks of business disruption, Cayuse identifies gaps and provides remediation recommendations with a plan to develop a practical and easy-to-follow path to improve resilience now and in the foreseeable future.

How We Can Help

  • Experienced team of cybersecurity experts with lessons learned from multiple clients
  • Strategies, plans, and exercises to improve our clients' ability to monitor, minimize, and recover from business disrupting events
  • Experienced disaster recovery and data integrity services for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise infrastructure
  • Detection of data anomalies to head-off issues before damage occurs
  • Best practices for data back-up, replication, and restoration for business continuity
  • Latest policies and procedures for cybersecurity and operational resilience
  • Improved security policies for ransomware protection

Cayuse can assess operational gaps and implement a plan to reduce cyber risk and improve operational resilience.